Saturday, 2 August 2014

The ugly face of Lucknow Police

The ugly face of Lucknow Police

The dirty and stubborn face of Lucknow police came to fore once again when I went to the Hazratganj police station to get an FIR of Amitabh Thakur registered there.

Amitabh and Lucknow resident Ashutosh Pandey have been in touch with a white-collar gang whose members claiming themselves as officers of Insurance Regulatory and Development Board (IRDA) contact persons all over India assuring them of ameliorating their insurance related problems. During this contact, they get money from these people in different ways and also procure important documents like PAN Card, Bank Account number etc, as they attempted with Amitabh and Ashutosh as well.

These two got deep into the matter and obtained the phone numbers, Delhi based address and details of the Lucknow contact of this gang and presented an FIR to Hazratganj police station which was taken there by me

There the Inspector refused to meet me taking pretext of some meeting and directed me to SI Shyam Chandra Tripathi and Ajay Kumar Dwivedi. These two sub inspector kept me sitting for long and asked many irrelevant questions in the process. When I provided reasonable answers to all these queries and requested to get the FIR registered, they talked with me in a highly derogatory manner and straight-away refused to register the FIR. Even my request to receive the application was blatantly refused by them. The Inspector did not interfere despite being contacted.

Now I have written to SSP Lucknow not only to get the FIR registered but also to take strong disciplinary action against these sub inspectors for their improper conduct. Any inaction on the part of the SSP would be truly unfortunate.

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